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Date Posted: 05/19/2019
Our I.T. Department has completed the required patch update for our Netsmart EMR and the security update for our Virtual Office. For our Field Staff using Field Mode Device, please update your Netsmart Application prior to documenting your visit (or non-visit).
If you experience any error message, please take a snap shot of the message and send it to our I.T. Departmentís email address.
San Diego: itgroup.sd@advhealthsystems.com
Costa Mesa: itgroup.cm@advhealthsystems.com
Riverside: itgroup.rv@advhealthsystems.com
Thank you for your cooperation.
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Reminder: We strongly suggest when emailing patient information, please use the email address provided to you by Advantage Health Systems. Sending email from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. are not safe. Emails from those companies are scan for marketing information and they will sell this information to a third party marketing company.
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